“You will be mine.”
 I instantly awakened from my
sleep searching the darkness.
I felt a dark shadowy figure in
the corner staring at me. My
breathing started to get heavy,
my eyesight started to fade
into more darkness.
 "Boom!" I was awake again. I
didn’t know how but I ignored
 "Another nightmare?” my
husband said.
“Yeah,” I muttered. I turned to
face him and continued to say,
“Sorry did I wake you?”
“No,” he replied. I noticed that
his body had no sign of
movement or that he was even
alive. I quietly asked him to
“turn around,” but there was
no answer, just slow
movement in his body.  
 “Why?” he replied.
 “I just want to see your face,”
I said.
 He slowly started to turn
around, my heart dropped to
my feet. I could tell something
wasn’t right, he seemed
lifeless. “Boom!” I heard a loud
bang coming from the corner
of our room. I instantly turned
my head to see what it was.
Nothing was there. I turned my
head back around to my
husband and an old creepy
lady was right in my face. I
couldn't move, scream for help
or even speak.
The Junkyard

The Debt Man bites the dust

  Barney stood outside the
door In what the break room
residents and Bitch-Boys
called The Velvet Hall.
‘Cause of all the blood and
velvet thrown’ round here am I
right? Barney thought.
  Barney chuckled to himself,
but he was dealing with no
laughing matter. Barney was a
large Italian man who never
really did his hair, just left his
ruffled brown hair out to the
public, but he always wore a
  Barney first looked at his
  September 7 12:02 1974
  They were late. Good.
  The velvet hall was falling
apart, if Barney had to be
  Actually, no. Whether a room’
s falling apart or not is not an
opinion in this case, it's a fact.

 “No!” I remember screaming.  
 A red mark across my cheek.
My face began to flush.  
 “You’re a fucking disgrace to
this family. You should have
never been born,” my father
shouted with a scowl on his
 He quickly grabbed a bottle
of whiskey and threw it
towards me.  It missed me by
an inch.
 “Dad STOP!” I screeched.
 I remember he snatched my
hair and yanked it so hard a
couple of strands of hair came
 “What sin did I commit to end
up with a daughter like you!”
he murmured through his teeth.
 He grabbed a bottle of
whiskey and stumbled
drunkenly up the stairs. He
slammed the door and I never
saw him for the rest of the
 I remember swiftly running
into my room. I swung the door
open and flopped onto my
bed. There were puddles in
my eyes, waterfalls began to
pour down my face. I
remember it like it was
yesterday. It cooled the red
burn on my cheek. I just cried
with tears of sorrow, soaking
my pillow until I fell asleep.
 I paused. I felt like I was
reliving the terrible moment,
like I couldn’t escape it. I was
The Actress and the


 That man, the one with the
furrowed brow and a cell
phone to his ear speaking a
mile a minute, was Elliott
Wilden, and he was getting
the news from his coworker at
the toilet paper manufacturing
company that his secretary,
Jimmy, had contracted
pneumonia. And that woman,
she walked slower than the
rest of the crowd with a slight
limp on her left leg, her name
was Michelle Conway, and
she had broken her ankle
while rollerblading with her two
excitable nephews.
 Amanda Caldwell sat on a
park bench in the town center
with her legs crossed, right
over left, shivered, and
watched the people walk by.
There were so many different
people with so many possible
intriguing stories circling
Amanda as she sipped a Chai
Latte and observed the world.
She jotted down the new
people in her old fashioned,
blue, tattered notebook with
the silver lace detailing where
she kept her stories, then
glanced back up at the
bustling town.
Manor by the Sea

It’s a windy day, and the
beach is shrouded in mist. All
tourists are shut up in their
hotel rooms, cursing the bad
weather. Not a soul can be
seen through the fog, but
Caleb wants to go to the
beach, and I must oblige. I can
just barely see his blonde
head bobbing along the gentle
slope down to the cold water
of Auror’s Cove. I remember
when our little seaside town
was virtually empty except for
its inhabitants, but now it is
one of the biggest tourist
attractions on the coast.
 “Grandpa, Grandpa!”  Caleb’
s voice pulls me out of my
 “Yes, what’s up?”
 “Momma said that I have to
make sure that you don’t
space out. She says old
people get very forgetful. Why
is that?” Caleb asks
Hurricane Tiffany

“And the weather report is
predicting a hurricane coming
up the East Coast. Residents
of the East Coast please
continue to follow the weather
and listen to any updates
about this hurricane. This is
not something to take lightly.
This is predicted to be one of
the biggest hurricanes ever
recorded on the East Coast.
Hurricanes don’t normally get
this strong and head this far
up the east coast but this is
climate change for you,” the
weatherman announced over
the radio.
I snuggled closer to my dog
Moby and my little sisters Ava
and Ana, on the soft rug that
was laid out on the living room
floor. I was scared. I hated
storms, especially big ones. I
didn’t want to think about the
storm anymore so instead I
gazed into the fire in front of
Love and Leagacy

  I jumped behind the ancient
stone pillar and heard the
gunshot penetrate the spot
where I stood only a second
before. Debris slowly floated
onto my shoulders. I ran
behind the next one as the
machine gun fired and
followed me. I looked around
the pillar and saw two
muscular men in all black
dropping their empty guns and
pulling out the knives they had
stashed behind their backs. I
looked up and surveyed my
surroundings. Ancient rock
pillars stretched up fifteen
stories, and small nooks
holding golden braziers were
all along the walls. I started to
get worried that maybe it wasn’
t here anymore. Then, I saw
the telltale glint of polished
bronze and I knew exactly
what to do. I grinned and ran
out into the center of the
Colosseum, which was
marked with a bright red X.  
Perfect Isn’t Ideal

  I carefully stepped out of my
mom’s Lexus and took a deep
breath. In… and out.
“Have a nice day at school,
Amy!” My mom yelled out the
window. Okay, I thought, time
to leave Amy behind. This was
part of my daily routine. I left
the confinement of my family,
left behind being the perfect
daughter, and I became Elia.  
My given name is Amelia
Burbi, but almost no one takes
the effort to speak it. Amelia is
who I really want to be. With
my family I am Amy: part of my
picture perfect family, one of
two beautiful Burbi daughters.
But perfect isn’t ideal. I was
not particularly close to any of
my family members, we were
seen as flawless, but I wasn’t
sure that was true.
So at school I became Elia,
who is even less of myself, the
pretty popular girl.
I waved bye to my mother and
rushed to the bathroom to
meet my two best friends: Ivy
and Emma. Ivy and Emma had
never met Amy, they only
knew Elia. I forced a smile
onto my face and pushed
through the door.
Hello, Elaine

 Again, you hear a rip as the
strawberry splatters spangle
your scratchy sweater. Again,
you have fallen. Your knobbly
knees tremble as you scoop
up with both arms the mangled
paper shopping bag full of
fruity wreckage.
  You must look like such a
fool, you admonish yourself,
as you use the Nissan beside
you to help yourself up. You
should have asked Elaine for
  It feels like a trek across
continents towards the distant
sculpture of metal and mineral
you call your car. No, no, you
shouldn’t have asked Elaine.
Elaine would just tell you that
you were such a poor thing, so
frail, not even able to walk
across the supermarket
parking lot. Elaine hasn’t seen
you before you grew into a
senile stick figure, when you
were strong and providing and
gracious. Elaine only sees this
shriveled husk of a man, her
husband’s father who still acts
like a child, who doesn’t go
outside except to buy his
precious strawberries. This
weak old hermit, so distracted
by reminiscence that he floats
adrift from the world around
him, so isolated in his
memories that his reality has
slipped away into a fallacious
fantasy of ‘the way things
used to be’.

  We moved our stuff into the
new house and right away, I
felt the cold breeze swiftly
pass through my sun dress. I
got goosebumps all over my
legs. I looked up at the house
and took a deep breath. I
threw the door open and I
quickly ran upstairs looking for
the best room.
  “I call dibs on this room!” I
  It was the room at the end of
the hallway. I liked it because
it seemed different. My sister
quickly ran up the stairs to
choose out her room as well
switching from room to room to
see which one was best.
  “I call this one!” yelled my
sister Brianna.
  My parents went into their
room and called us to bring
our belongings into our rooms.
I ran downstairs in excitement
and carried two boxes to my
room full of clothes. I went
down to get my other boxes
and placed them down on my
room floor. The room was
already painted the color I
loved. Purple! I guess the
people who lived here before
us painted it.

  I sigh and toss the coat I’m
wearing to the side. It’s almost
1 A.M., and I'm  exhausted. I
have to be up in three hours. I
should sleep, but I’m starving,
and I know it’s going to be
another sleepless night. The
dreams about Ash have gotten
more persistent, and I never
want to see my sister again.
  It’s September 17. I hear
distant noises, and roll over to
look at the clock. 7:43. Ugh.
Ash, for some reason, likes to
wake up early in the summer
and play video games. This
isn’t the first time I’ve woken
up to find her replaying
Undertale or something. It’s
too early to hear Megalovania.
I groan and push off the
covers. I stumble out of bed,
grabbing my phone off my
bedside table, when it starts
ringing. I stare at the number.
It isn’t one I recognize. I press
the green answer button.
“Hello?” I ask, my voice
groggy. “Hello, Noelle. I’m
here to speak to you on behalf
of Ashley,” A smooth,
unfamiliar voice answers.
“Do---” My voice is barely a
whisper. I clear my throat. “Do
I know you?”
The Creature Inside

  I wake up I wonder who he
had found the night before
who his eyes had set upon
and not let go of, the one he
captured like a bald eagle who
was so unfortunate to be
found in the wrong place at
the wrong time.
 I am a semi-normal person so
to speak. There is not much
adventure and excitement in
my life. I have a basic life. I
have a job, house, and all that,
but if you think that’s my life
story, then you got it all wrong.
At night, that's when the fun
begins. That is when the
second me emerges. Stronger
than any man or creature, who
stalks his prey in the night and
then pounces after stalking for
a while. When he sets his
eyes on his prey, they can not
be released, just like the boa
Inner Demons

  I examine my artwork in the
pale moonlight. The painting
seems to glow a bright orange,
radiant and bright. It depicts
the scene in front of me, from
just a few hours ago. It’s so
strange how in such little time,
things can change so
drastically. My painting shows
a bright yellow ball of light,
sinking below the shining blue
ocean, which reflects the
orange sky. Now the sun has
completely set, and I’m alone
with the moon and the stars.
Well, maybe not all alone. I
hug the back wall of the cliff,
terrified of falling. I’ve been up
on this mountain so many
times. It’s usually quiet up
here, and has beautiful views
on either side. One side faces
my village, which now
probably has faint orange
candles making it glow among
the trees. The side I’m on
faces the seemingly endless
expanse of water. I watch the
waves crash into the sharp
rocks on the shore. I swallow.
Despite how often I come up
here, I will always be afraid of
slipping. Especially with
Scarlet here. I can’t see her,
but I know she’s following me.
She always is. I should
probably explain her.

The Billie Lightwood

  Beep! Beep Beep!
 “Come on Billie, wake up!
We got work to do,” Leo said.
 “Ugh alright,” I responded.
 I headed to the bathroom and
got into the tub. I rinsed my
arms and noticed that there
was blood dripping. I didn’t
realize that last night got
messy. A wide smile formed on
my face. Mr. and Mrs.
Laurender deserved it. After I
was done showering, I got
dressed and headed
 “Who’s our target today?” I
asked Leo.
 “The Harkenders, they have
a little boy and a teenage girl.
Mrs. Harkender leaves for
work at 9:30 in the morning
and Mr. Harkender leaves at 6:
30 A.M. Mr. Harkender comes
home around 5 P.M. The
mother doesn't come home
until 7. Their nanny picks the
kids up from school at around
2:30. They have a dog, so
bring some treats.” Leo said.
 “But what if Mr. Harkender
tries to fight?” I asked.
 “He won’t. Not if he doesn’t
want to see his kids die. He
wouldn’t dare try to do
anything,” Leo said in a
sinister way.
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