Aaliyah Thermitus

The dark room that I can’t escape
The feeling of sadness and anger that I have to face
*Pow* a gunshot that replays over and over in my head
*Slit* another scar on my wrist that I have to fear
Smile another smile that I have to fake
Tears that refuse to be hidden
“I’m okay” is what I have to feel as the tears fall down my face
Fight it but I’m tired of fighting
The feeling of defeat is what I’m facing
The happiness I once had slowly fades away
The sadness I never felt slowly takes that place
The thoughts of death puts me to sleep
Sleep is what I do to not feel
I’m like an egg, once I break I’ll never be the same
I’m stuck in my head
I scream and shout so I can get out
No one hears me they laugh as I scream
I soon to realize I cannot win
So I made depression my best friend.
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