continuation of the story
    I Jumped out of my sleep frightened and scared to find there was no one in my
room. I was still in complete shock. she kept whispering things underneath her breath
to me like “Come home to me or you’ll be mine”.  I was scared, I couldn’t do anything
she was just staring at me, making a creepy face.
I got out of bed and began to get ready for work. It was time for me to go to a meet
and greet that my coworkers had scheduled for me.
  Thirty minutes later I was signing books, taking pictures, talking, and smiling. A
strange girl came up to me. It didn’t look like she was here to get an autograph from
me, it looked like she was here for a different reason.
    “You have to come with me now,” she demanded. I looked up at her and said,
   She then slammed her hand on the table and said, “You’re the reason my mother
is like this.”
   “How am I the reason?” I asked. “Ever since you came out with this book, my
mother has been acting strange,” she replied.
   I quickly signaled for security, but that didn’t stop her. She continued to say, “One
day I caught her pulling out all of her teeth and wrapping them in something.”
   She started to rummage through her coat pockets and tossed a bag that looked
like it was made out of a piece of skin. The skin had weird markings on it like
symbols or words. I couldn’t tell but there was something in it. I hesitated to open the
bag at first, but I did anyways. I slowly unwrapped it to find teeth wrapped up in it. I
instantly jumped, not knowing how else to react to it.
   She then said, “Yeah, that's what she was doing to herself and not just her to me.
When I'm sleeping I can feel a sharp pain in my back and when I opened my eyes I
found her standing above me with a knife in her hand. I don't know what to do so I just
close my eyes and wait for her to leave.”
   I was in complete shock that nothing came out of my mouth. I didn’t know to
believe her or just have security drag her out. She turned around and started to lift up
her shirt and said, “Look what she did to me while I was sleeping. It's your fault, you
did this to me!” Everyone around me was instantly shocked, even me. I couldn’t
speak, I just stood there and stared. There were weird markings on her back like the
ones I saw on the piece of skin.
   Security came running out as soon as she did and escorted her out of the
premises. I decided to call it a night and not sign any more books or do anything else
even though the fans were mad. But it wasn’t just a coincidence that I had a
nightmare about it and then this girl showed up talking about how her mom had gone
insane because of it. I just got a weird feeling from this girl and that I was not looking
forward to seeing her again.
   I decided to just take some time for myself and write down things in my notebook.
That's what I usually do if something is bothering me. It's how I clear my mind.
   The next day I was on my way to work when my assistant ran out of the building
calling for help. I quickly ran towards her and asked, "What's going on? What's
wrong?" She couldn't speak; she looked terrified. I ran inside looking around in
terror. I saw everyone gathered around looking up. I ran towards them confused
about what was going on.
   I saw the same girl from yesterday standing on the edge of the balcony with a rope
tied around her neck. I tried to talk to her and get her to calm down, but she wouldn’t
listen.  She kept on saying, "She won't leave empty handed, she never leaves empty
handed, if you don't go she'll take everyone you love away from you. You hear me."
   Then she jumped. I flinched, then just stared at her as she hung there. I felt sick to
my stomach. I just kept repeating what she said to me over and over again. I couldn't
get it out of my head.  "She never leaves empty handed." I didn't know what to do. I
just stood there and stared at her.                                     
Then I saw something in her hand like a piece of paper, so I ran up the stairs and
tried to grab the piece of paper out of her hand. But it was too far, so I leaned over
the balcony stretching out for her hand. I grabbed the note out of her hand and
opened it up to see what it was. My parent's home address and the city that they live
in.  "she never leaves empty handed" just kept repeating in my head and every time it
got louder and louder.
    I started to sort about my parents and if they are safe or not. So that night I packed
my bag. I asked my assistant if she wanted to come. She said yes and we headed to
where my parents lived to go and check to see if they were okay.
   We arrived at my parents’ house. I ran towards the front door and noticed that it
was found it unlocked. My heart started to beat faster and faster. I ran up the stairs
looking for my parents. I started to call out to them “Mom, Dad!” There was no
answer. I began to worry that something had happened to them. It's no coincidence
that my nightmares came back, then this girl came to my work saying that my book
had caused her mother to go crazy and now my parents are missing.
   When I was a little kid I would like to play around in the woods. But one day I
stumbled into a dug up grave in the woods with some skin wrapped up and it looked
like something was inside of it. I picked it up and took it home with me. Ever since
then everything in my life has gone bad I can take the most beautiful thing and turn it
ugly or destroy it.
    "Mom, Dad!" I yelled.
   “Born on a Tuesday, happy on a Wednesday, married on a Thursday, witch on
Friday, caught on Saturday, judged on Sunday, executed on Monday, buried on
      My heart instantly dropped to my feet. “Who's there?”
  There was no answer, just quietness. I ran up the stairs to find a trail of blood on the
floor. I dashed to my parents’ room to find my mom lying on the floor with blood on
her hands and around her neck.
    “No, no, no, no!” I shouted. “Please, Mom, wake up, wake up!” I cried. “This can't
be for real,” I muttered. “Why me, why me?” I yelled. “What did I do to deserve this?” I
   Silence filled the air as I cried softly. Holding my mom close to my chest crying as
all the memories I've had of her came flushing through my mind. I stood up and
searched the rest of the house to see if anyone else was there. I walked into my
room to find an old lady with blood all over her hands sitting on my bed just staring at
my mirror. She started to sing the rhyme again. "No, stop shut up why are you doing
this to me?"
    My assistant finally made it to the house she heard me screaming and started to
tell out my name "Jade, Jade where are you." I didn't reply. She finally got to my room
and she is just standing there looking at me like I am crazy. She ran over to me trying
to get my attention but I wasn't moving or even making eye contact with her.
   I was too busy fixated on the old lady that I didn’t even realize that my assistant
was calling my name. But I was too busy trying to get answers to why this witch was
haunting me again. “Why are you doing this to me? Answer me now.” No answer but I
could feel the tension growing between us. I was so angry that I was willing to just kill
her. My heart is broken— is she that cruel to take my mother's life? All this for what,
for me to write another book. I don't know what came over me I just jumped up and
reached for her neck. I just kept on squeezing and squeezing I can feel her gasp for
her life but that didn't stop me. I just had so much anger built up in me that I just didn't
let go. My assistant ran towards me trying to get me to let go I didn't I just ignored and
continued to let out all of my anger and frustration on her. She started to gasp and
grab my hand trying to get me to let her go but that wasn't working. I stared right into
her eyes and watched as she took her final breath. I slowly started to let go of her
neck to find my assistant in complete shock. She quickly ran over to the dead body
trying to do CPR on her but it wasn't working. She leaned in to do mouth to mouth
and that's when the dead body started to shake uncontrollably and it scared her so
that she leaned back and fell down the stairs and was knocked unconscious. The
dead body was still shaking uncontrollably and it started to float in the air. I was too
shocked to move or even speak the body and vomit out black stuff. I was terrified for
my life I didn't know what to do so I just sat there. Her eyes started to roll back to the
back of her head then all I heard was chanting. I couldn't quite understand it because
it was muffled underneath her breath. Then this black dust started to pour out of her
mouth surrounding the entire room. Then a black hole appeared on the roof and
sucking up the dark black gust. While sucking out everything else left in the Dead
body before closing I heard a whisper say "I never leave empty handed,"
   After that I never heard back from her or anything else related to that. I don't know if
she is planning something or what.

(from the beginning)
"You will be mine.”
  I instantly awakened from my sleep searching the darkness. I felt a dark shadowy
figure in the corner staring at me. My breathing started to get heavy, my eyesight
started to fade into more darkness.
  "Boom!" I was awake again. I didn’t know how but I ignored it.
  "Another nightmare?” my husband said.
 “Yeah,” I muttered. I turned to face him and continued to say, “Sorry did I wake you?”
 “No,” he replied. I noticed that his body had no sign of movement or that he was
even alive. I quietly asked him to “turn around,” but there was no answer, just slow
movement in his body.  
  “Why?” he replied.
  “I just want to see your face,” I said.
  He slowly started to turn around, my heart dropped to my feet. I could tell something
wasn’t right, he seemed lifeless. “Boom!” I heard a loud bang coming from the corner
of our room. I instantly turned my head to see what it was. Nothing was there. I turned
my head back around to my husband and an old creepy lady was right in my face. I
couldn't move, scream for help or even speak.
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