We moved our stuff into the new house and right away, I felt the cold breeze swiftly
pass through my sun dress. I got goosebumps all over my legs. I looked up at the
house and took a deep breath. I threw the door open and I quickly ran upstairs looking
for the best room.
    “I call dibs on this room!” I yelled
    It was the room at the end of the hallway. I liked it because it seemed different. My
sister quickly ran up the stairs to choose out her room as well switching from room to
room to see which one was best.
    “I call this one!” yelled my sister Brianna.
    My parents went into their room and called us to bring our belongings into our
rooms. I ran downstairs in excitement and carried two boxes to my room full of clothes.
I went down to get my other boxes and placed them down on my room floor. The room
was already painted the color I loved. Purple! I guess the people who lived here
before us painted it.
    The truck came with our old house stuff. The workers helped us put our belongings
in. My dad and I carried my mattress to my room and placed it on top of the bed frame.
My sister was already on her bed using her phone. Everyone seemed to be busy so, I
decided to look around the house.

    I noticed something as I walked down the hall. An attic? I grabbed the pull down
cord and stepped up into the attic. I coughed from the dust that surrounded me. It was
so dark, I could barely see anything.

    “Emmy! What are you doing up there?” screamed my sister Brianna
    “Uh..N-Nothing”, I yelled back

    I walked down from the attic and let go of the pull down cord. It was night time so
me and my family decided to eat take out. I went to my room and felt a little homesick. I
was not used to this new house. I placed my head on the pillow and felt the stress in
me release.
    The room all of a sudden felt really cold. My eyes were closed, but I could still feel
and hear everything. There were sounds, voices everywhere. I threw my blanket over
my head in fear. What was that sound? Was it my sister that was playing with me to
scare me? Or was it a ghost?
    I felt something touch me and I quickly got up from my bed. Nothing was there. I
turned my light on immediately trying to investigate what that was that I felt. I checked
the time, it was 3.27 A.M. I felt so anxious and paranoid. I felt like I was being watched.
I turned the light off and sat up in my bed and quickly watched my room from every
corner. I heard whispers. Was that Mom and Dad or Brianna? I felt it get closer to me.

    “Hello is anyone there?” I whispered

      I started to hear footsteps get louder as they got closer to my room. My mom burst
into the room and turned the light on very confused.

    “Who are you talking to at this time?” my mom asked in worry.
“Uh..N-no one I-I nothing” I mumbled.

    My mom went back to her room and I just laid back in relief. I was still questioning
what that was that I heard. It sounded like it was talking, but I could not quite catch
what it was saying.
    I woke up the next morning feeling extremely tired. I took a shower and I put on my
uniform for school. My sister and I were getting ready for our new school. I went
downstairs to eat breakfast and went back upstairs to brush my teeth. Our parents
decided to take us separately since we go to different schools. I grabbed my lunch box
and school bag and walked to my moms car.

    “Would you like to talk about what happened last night Emmy?” My mom asked as
we were driving to the school.
    “I wasn’t talking to anyone I heard some weird noises so I thought it was Briana
playing with me. I'm just not used to the new house just yet,” I said.
    As we rolled up to the school, I was shocked. It was such a better Junior High
School than the one before. But then it hit me. What if the kids there are mean? What
if they don’t like me? What will I do then? What if I don’t have any friends? I was so
anxious and scared I didn’t know what to do. I stepped out of the car and walked to
the building.

    “Have a nice first day at your new school,” my mom yelled from the car window.”
    I opened the door and my heart dropped. There were so many kids. I began to
become even more anxious before. I didn’t take my anxiety pills! What was I gonna do
my mom left.
    “Hello there! You must be the new student. I am Principal of this school! Please
follow me to my office,” the Principal said.

    I followed her to the office and I gazed at all the posters on the wall and all the
different locker colors. I watched kids talking to their friends. It all looked too good to
be true. She gave me my schedule and all of a sudden from the corner of my eye a girl
around my age came in.

    “This is Bailey. She will be in all of your classes. She’s here to give you a tour of
the school. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know,” the Principal

    I followed her out of the Principal’s office. We both stared at each other waiting for
one of us to talk.
    “H-hi! Uh, welcome to this school. It’s pretty nice. I think you’ll like it here,” Bailey
said with a smile.
    I followed her around and saw so many things that were amazing. This school has
its very own pool! We had to go in the 2nd floor for our classes since the older kids
were on the 2nd floor.
    We went to our first period class and immediately as I walked in everyone looked at
me. I could hear them whispering about me. I was extremely anxious. My heart was
racing as if it were about to explode. I was getting hot and my hands were sweating.
     “Hey everyone, this is our new student Emmy. She moved here from New York,”
Bailey said.

    I sat down quickly in a seat where no one would talk to me. Bailey sat next to me
and I could still see people watching me. As time flew by it was already time for lunch
and I ate alone. Bailey went to sit with some of her friends, so I ate alone. This one girl
came to my table and sat next to me.. I felt her cold bitter presence next to mine.

    “Hey, new girl. What’cha got there, huh?” she said.

    She threw my lunch on the floor and walked away to her friends laughing. My heart
dropped. I grabbed my lunch box and ran to the bathroom. I can’t believe that just
happened to me on my first day! I skipped my other classes and just stayed in the
bathroom stall. I didn’t want to see her again. Then the bathroom door opened. I
immediately stood up from sitting on the stall ground. It was her and she wasn’t alone.

    “Aww, is the new girl crying here?” she laughed.
    She opened my bathroom door stall door and grabbed me.

    “You’re a loser and you’re not worth anything and you’ll never have friends and
you’ll always be that one girl that no one likes!” she said.

     She and her friends ran away laughing and talking behind my back, loud enough
that I could hear. The bell rang and I ran out of the bathroom to my locker and got my
stuff. I started tearing up and I ran outside. My mom was in the car and I walked
opened the car door and sat down.
    “Hey, honey how was your first--“ my mom said right before I cut her off.

    “Can we just go home please? I’m really tired,” I said.

    We drove home and I ran to my room, slammed my door, threw my stuff on the
floor, and laid on my bed. I stayed in my room all day and didn’t go to eat for dinner. I
took a shower and changed into my PJ’s and went straight to sleep. Again I heard
those voices. They became more clear now. It was like two people whispering in your

    “Kill herrrrrrrr,” the voice said.
    “You will dieeeeeee,” another voice said.

    What did they mean by that? Kill who? Why? The rest of the voices were unclear.
Was this house haunted? I stood up from my bed and turned on my light and out of
nowhere my sister stormed in my room.

    “Alright, Emmy I wanna know now why you’re all grumpy and sad. Did you even
take your anxiety meds today?” my older sister Brianna asked.

    “This one girl was just being really mean. She’s the popular girl and no I forgot to
take my meds,” I said quietly.

    “Well that explains a lot. Tell me her name I’ll talk to her” my sister said.

    I shook my head. I didn’t want things to get any worse. My sister gave me a warm
hug and left my room. Since she reminded me, I decided to take my pills now. I went
downstairs to get a glass of water and my parents looked at me worried. I could tell my
mom wanted to say something but I left before she could. I Walked up the stairs and I
went in my room. I took a sip of water and placed a pill in my mouth and swallowed it. I
didn’t want to go to school tomorrow and I wanted to know what these voices were. I
went on my laptop and I decided to look up “Hearing voices at night” to see what
would pop up. I clicked the first link and began to read the article. Paranormal activity.
Haunted houses. Hallucinations. I was confused by all of this I shut my laptop and
went to sleep.
    I woke up the next morning and I didn’t wanna go to school. I remembered to take
my anxiety meds. I showered and put on my uniform. I ate breakfast really fast so my
parents wouldn't question what's wrong. I went upstairs and brushed my teeth and got
my bag. I didn’t take my lunch because I didn’t want the mean girl to do it again. So, I
just took Dorito chips.
    My dad drove me to school and he was just staring at me the indoor car window.
He dropped me off and hugged me goodbye. I took a deep breath and entered the
school. I saw Bailey, she went up to me quickly and asked me if I was okay because
she didn’t see me during the last 2-3 periods.

    “That girl over there. She was being really mean and threw my lunch and like was
being mean to me in the bathroom” I whispered to her.
    “Yeah. She’s like the school bully no one has ever stood up to her or even talked
back to her. She’ll seriously hurt you. I’m sorry that happened. You should have sat
with us for lunch. You're always welcome to” she said with a grin on her face.
    “What’s her name anyways?” I asked.
    “Taylor Rykers” she sighed.
    I felt at ease knowing that I wasn’t the only one and I could sit with her. But still
worried what she might do to me. She was walking behind me and was laughing with
her friends. She pushed me into the locker and laughed at me. Bailey helped me up
and picked up my books.

    Days and weeks have passed and the same things keep happening over and over
again. Taylor being an absolute jerk to me and me hearing these voices. They just
keep repeating like a never ending story or I guess nightmare.

    It was nearly the end of the first semester and one morning my mother told me I
was not going to go to school and that I was going to the therapist. I was confused at
first. A therapist? I wasn’t much of a person that was open towards my feelings. She
drove me to the place and she signed papers before we got called in.

    “Emmy Carter,” the receptionist yelled.
    I stood up and I went in the room by myself. I saw a lady sitting at a desk and
couch for me to sit at. I was scared I never have done any of this before. She started
asking me some simple questions minutes in we had deeper conversations about
bullying and hallucinations. I told her that they were no hallucinations and that
everything I felt and heard was real but she wouldn’t believe me. Days and days I
spent with this therapist yet, she couldn’t help me. She said I was “mentally insane”.
    On the last day of school before the semester break we had a school dance. Me
and Bailey became best friends by then so we danced together. I went into the
bathroom and I saw Taylor there fixing her makeup. My heart stopped.

    “Look at what we have here. Well if it isn’t our little crazy loser? Are you gonna go
home and tell mom and dad and cry to them. You already got me in enough trouble.”
she said in anger.

    She pulled out something from her purse I couldn’t see it quite well but I knew it
was something bad. Her friends backed up. She had a knife and she started pointing
it every in every movement possible threatening me.
    When the dance ended I went home and I laid down. The voices became louder
and more demanding.

    “Kill herrrrrrrrr” one said
    “You will die if you don’ttttttt” another whisper

    The voices repeated over and over in rhythm and got louder and closer. They got
repeated it fast enough that I had to scream. I knew what I had to do now. I didn’t take
my hallucination pills instead I threw them in the floor. I knew exactly how to do it and
where. I laughed to myself. She thinks she can threaten me?
    I brought my knife and stuffed it in my dress. I snuck out of the house and I walked
to her house. It was late. Her whole family would be asleep. I snuck in through the
back and walked up stairs. Quietly. One step at a time. And one breath at a time. One
by one I reached the top. I turned to her room and she was asleep PERFECT. I looked
at her sleeping so soundly. I let out a quiet giggle. And I stabbed her right for the neck.
Her breath was gasping for air and I kept stabbing repeatedly. Her parents ran into the
room and let out tears. As I stabbed blood poured all over my face. I was arrested and
brought to a mental hospital and I spent time talking to the doctor.

    “Tell me why you stabbed her to death!?” The Doctor asked getting impatient.
    “It was the voices they told me to!!!!!” I screamed.

    I was later admitted to a Mental Hospital and put into an Asylum where I spent the
rest of my life. They never really understood that it wasn’t me, it was the voices. The
demons that lived among me and will later live with me till death.


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