The Creature Inside

    I wake up I wonder who he had found the night before who his eyes had set upon
and not let go of, the one he captured like a bald eagle who was so unfortunate to be
found in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    I am a semi-normal person so to speak. There is not much adventure and
excitement in my life. I have a basic life. I have a job, house, and all that, but if you
think that’s my life story, then you got it all wrong. At night, that's when the fun begins.
That is when the second me emerges. Stronger than any man or creature, who stalks
his prey in the night and then pounces after stalking for a while. When he sets his
eyes on his prey, they can not be released, just like the boa constrictor.
    You may ask, whom do we identify with? Well, look at it this way, we're like the
Hulk. Two souls in one body except we were born this way. Some may say that we
are split personalities. Some may say we are just crazy, but no. We think clearly and
unlike most people it didn't take long to accept ourself for who we are. He prefers to
capture his prey at night and lock them in an underground bunker and eat them slowly
over a few nights. Once they are finished, he goes on to the next one, but it wasn't
that way with his last piece of prey.
    I am now telling you this tale from the land of the dead. When I caught this woman
she seemed different like this had happened before. She didn’t fight nor scream. She
seemed almost like she had accepted her fate to be put into the belly of the beast. He
calls himself “The Creature Inside.” He called it that because of the irony. He is called
the creature inside yet he comes out. It is important I tell you this tale for I have
committed some unforgivable crimes. It all started on a cold lonesome October night.
He was stalking as usual. He saw this nice innocent perfect girl, a little too perfect.
She was walking down the streets of South Central L.A. by herself, dressed tightly
and revealing while still keeping that innocence.
    As he was stalking her, she looked like she wanted to be captured by someone or
something. He knew this because she looked like a lone bunny hopping in an open
plain of wolves, meaning she was walking very slowly. I thought, what was a dainty
and innocent looking person as herself walking the streets of South Central L.A. at
night? When he went to capture her she saw him and he saw none other than a smirk
on her face. She almost laughed, he took her to my bunker and on the way there, she
didn’t scream or make a single sound. When we finally arrived at the bunker. I
whispered, “Aren’t you afraid of The Creature Inside?''
    She jokingly whispered back, “Why be afraid of what I look for?”
    Then he walked away with a feeling in his gut that he never had before. He knows
now that it was the feeling of uncertainty and he thought to himself. I am the stalker.
How can I be found when I don't want to be? I lurk in the deepest shadows. As a
matter of fact I make the shadows. I am astonished.
    I went home with the feeling that the next night would entail some great findings
and the night before gave me a feeling of uncertainty and a rush of adrenaline filled
my veins. So I went to bed and woke up the next morning ready to tackle the day with
more thrill than ever. When I came home from work I sat down and I ate the pizza that I
brought home because some customer didn't want it, because we put too many
pepperonis on it.
    He went to the bunker to check on the girl and maybe eat her leg so he went to
clean his knife and got a plate ready to eat when she blurted, “I have to eat too you
    He explained, “You are food and if I was an uncivilized animal, I would have eaten
your skull already.”
    He thought to himself. This girl may be more trouble than she is actually worth it
may be time for me to eat her and just get this over with. No finesse just plain old
fashion down in one sitting eating. No play no foul. He then approached the girl with
the knife with intent of chopping her into bite size pieces just big enough to stuff into
his mouth.
    She then boldly murmured, “Don't you want to know why I am here? How I found
you and what I am looking for?”
    He frustratingly shouted, “Well, tell me!”
    She replied, “Well, a long time ago, a woman named Margaret Marmalade was
walking down the street. The same street you found me on. She was abducted and no
one could find her for days, weeks, months, and years. They still haven’t found her till
this day. Everything I found led me back to you and I found you and drew you out.
That woman “The creature inside” was my lovely, beloved mother.”
    His jaw dropped and he was speechless. Karma had come full circle and kicked us
in the butt. The reach of god could not be avoided and his soul was worthy of
damnation and so it was condemned. She pounced like a cat. She suddenly freed
herself from her chains and ran a piece of glass across our throat and he dropped to
the ground on our knees and he fell backwards. There he was lying on the floor with
his cold pulse barely hanging on. She was feeding the open flames with slabs of
wood. Once the fire was complete, she chopped us up into little pieces and roasted
us. She laughed as she ate me with much joy. She smiled from her cheeks to her
bangs and she laughed and rejoiced. The mighty “Creature From Inside” was
    She chuckled, “The hunter killed the wrong fawn.”
    She was the crazy one. She plotted so well, not even we could tell what she was
up to. We are much alike, but she is much smarter. When I think about it, the way she
carries out her plan is only with precise execution. Had she done this before? Had she
killed other predators and kidnappers or cut the hand off a man who dared put his
fingers in the wrong place? Now that I think back on it, she was a kind of anti-hero of
sorts, to defend the people and kill the predators.
    I tell this story like it was yesterday. In fact, I have been dead for over 20 years and
everytime someone dies at the hands of  “Her,” I tell them this story. Before you ask,
yes indeed you are dead if the erie and pitch black tone didn’t give it away already. As
well as the way the demons beat and lash the lost souls who unfortunately end up
here. That is not even the worst of the punishments. We are forever bound to a
replica of the bunker he used to kill people in. We are forced to be eaten slowly by a
demon dressed as ourself for all of eternity. It has been driving me mad not because
of the pain. In fact, the pain is what clings onto the little sanity we still have. It is the
fact that “HER” is just as crazy as him and she has not yet been condemned to Hell.
Why me when she is just as wicked? If I am to be honest. I admire her. She is like a
false worm. She lures the fish leading them right to their sudden death to be beaten
and ate. Now you as the reader of this grim tale, you will take our place FOREVER.
Waiting for someone else to die and take your place and mark my words for “HER.”
This is not the end.

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