The Billie Lightwood Case

Beep! Beep Beep!
    “Come on Billie, wake up! We got work to do,” Leo said.
    “Ugh alright,” I responded.
    I headed to the bathroom and got into the tub. I rinsed my arms and noticed that
there was blood dripping. I didn’t realize that last night got messy. A wide smile formed
on my face. Mr. and Mrs. Laurender deserved it. After I was done showering, I got
dressed and headed downstairs.
    “Who’s our target today?” I asked Leo.
    “The Harkenders, they have a little boy and a teenage girl. Mrs. Harkender leaves
for work at 9:30 in the morning and Mr. Harkender leaves at 6:30 A.M. Mr. Harkender
comes home around 5 P.M. The mother doesn't come home until 7. Their nanny picks
the kids up from school at around 2:30. They have a dog, so bring some treats.” Leo
    “But what if Mr. Harkender tries to fight?” I asked.
    “He won’t. Not if he doesn’t want to see his kids die. He wouldn’t dare try to do
anything,” Leo said in a sinister way.

    Leo taught me to always take control of the dominant one in a household. Once you
do that, nothing else faces a threat to you. That way you have more control. Leo and I
got our tools, a knife, a gun and a muzzle. The muzzle makes the gun silent, so when I
shoot, you won’t hear anything at all. I opened the trunk of my car and threw my bag in. I
turned on the engine and drove away from the parking lot. Once we arrived, we parked
three houses down from the Harkenders.

    Ring! Ring!
    “Hello?” I said.
    “Billie, why aren’t you at school?” Sarah asked.
    “I've got some things to do,” I responded.
     “The school called your house, but you didn’t pick up. They're sending someone to
your building to check on you,” Sarah said.
    “There’s no need, I'm not even home.”
    “Billie you haven’t been in school for three weeks. What is going on?”
    “I have to go, I’ll call you later,” I said as I hung up.
    We waited for what seemed forever until the Nanny left to go pick up the little ones
from school. We walked around the house to the back door. I taped the window and
smashed it lightly. It was a trick that Leo taught me. Tape the window so when you
smash it you barely hear any noise.
    “Take care of the dog, then set the chairs up” Leo demanded.
    Everywhere I turned there were several family photos. Each face filled with joy. None
of them looked unhappy. My stomach clenched, and I got this sick feeling.
    “Don’t let those pictures trick you, trust me, they are miserable inside,” Leo
    I walked around the house some more. Their wallpaper looked fancy. Wealthy family,
they obviously could afford expensive things. I spotted the dog and grabbed it.
    “You know you have to kill the dog right?” Leo asked.
    “I know,” I sighed.
    I unzipped my bag and reached for my knife. It was as big as a butchers knife. I made
sure that I sharpened the knife so it would go through things easily.
    “It has to be a fast kill, and a quiet one,” Leo asserted.
    I made sure the dog was lying down. I needed a precise kill. Slash! Blood splattered
around my clothes and on my face. Slash! I could see the insides of the dog, it smelled
    “Set the chair’s up. The Nanny is going to arrive with the kids anytime now,” Leo
    “Ok,” I replied.
    I set the chairs in front of the couch. Their curtains looked new, they definitely
weren’t the same ones from last week. I closed them. I noticed a drawing at the bottom.
That’s probably the same reason they got rid of the other one.
    “They’re here” Leo said.
    I reached into my backpack and grabbed my gun. I connected the muzzle to the
    Click! Kill the Nanny, then shove her in the closet.
    “Don’t forget to do your homework,” the Nanny said.
     She walked into the living room and turned the T.V. on. I waited until she wasn’t
facing my direction. I sprung up, three shots and she was down. I quickly dragged her to
a closet.
    I pointed the gun at the children and made them all sit down on the chairs I had set
up. I first tied their legs, then hands, then I tied them up to the chair. I felt triumphant, the
last kill wasn’t as smooth.
    “Why are you doing this?” the girl said crying.
    I could feel the fear radiating from her body.  
    “Dad! Stop! Please,” I yelled. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean it!” I said crying.
    “Shut up! Now listen to me boy, don’t ever disrespect me. You piece of shit!” he
yelled while he punched me.
    “Mom! Please help me,” I cried out.
    I looked over and saw that she had been standing there this whole time. Her face
was emotionless, She lit a cigarette and walked away.
    “Because they deserve this,” I said. “Call you're father and tell him he needs to come
home right now,” I demanded.
    The girl nodded her head slowly. There were tears forming in her eyes. I couldn’t
afford to have a crying child.
    “When you're talking to him you better not try anything because if you do, I will kill
you and I will make sure you're brother watches every second of it,” I stressed.
I held the phone near her and she started talking.
    “He’s coming home in ten minutes,” the girl said.
    “Great, now we wait” Leo said.
    “Daddy please, no! I’m sorry” I cried.
    “Go to your room, Billie!” Dad shouted.
    I quickly ran to my room, I slammed the door and pushed against it.
    I wasn’t strong enough, the door broke open. “Don’t you dare! Look at me!” he
    “What did I do?” I asked.
    I can tell by the smell of his breath that he had been drinking, and when Dad drinks,
he gets very angry and violent.
    “Shut up!” he shouted.
    “You're a fucking disgrace,” my mother said from the corner.
    I grabbed my gun and re-loaded it. “Don’t worry, it’s not you I want to hurt” I
10 minutes later
    “Lucy,  Are you ok?” a man yelled.
    “Remember take control of him, tell him you will kill his children if he doesn’t
cooperate,” Leo reminded me.
    “Ok,” I replied.
    I held my gun tightly and I took a deep breath.
    “Lucy?” a man said as he walked into the living room.
    “Put your hands up!” I shouted, pointing the gun at him.
    “Ok! Ok! Don't shoot, please!” he cried out. “Are my children ok?” he asked.
    “They will be, but not if you don't cooperate. Sit on the couch! Don't you dare try
anything, I’ll kill them if you do,” I demanded.
    “Alright,” he responded.
I tied him up and made him sit down on the couch in front of the children. I told him to
call his wife and tell her to come home. And I did the same thing to her. I threatened to
kill her children if she didn’t cooperate. I tied her up and made her sit down next to her
    “I’m proud of you, Billie. Kill them, they deserve this. They ruined your childhood.
They are the reason you're like this… kill them,” Leo said.
    “I hate you!” I yelled at him.
    “You think I care?” he said, laughing at me.
    “What did I do?” I said crying.
    “You deserve this.”                                           
    I grabbed the log grabber by the fireplace and started to beat the parents with it. I felt
rage all over.
    “Shoot them!” Leo said.
    “I hate you guys!” I shouted at them. “You put me through hell, and you… you just
stood there,” I yelled.
    I turned around and faced the kids.
    “You're going to want to watch this,” I said. “Trust me, I'm doing you guys a favor,” I
said, reassuring them.
    “Shoot them,” I heard Leo say again.
    I grabbed my gun and shot them five times. I ran over to my bag and grabbed the
knife. Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! They were both bleeding out fast. I
smiled as I stood there and waited till their heartbeat stopped. I watched as their life was
slowly draining from their eyes. I watched as they took their last breath.
    “Thanks for putting me through hell,” I whispered.
    “Do you feel better?” Leo asked.
    “Yeah, much better,” I responded.
    I walked away hearing the kids cry for their parents. They owe me, their lives are
better off without their parents.
The next day
    Beep! Beep! Beep!
    “Wake up sleepy head” Leo said.
    “I’m up,” I replied.
    I got up and turned my T.V. on.
    “We are looking for this person as a possible suspect in the murders of the
Harkenders. Mrs. and Mr. Harkender were murdered at approximately 3:20 in the
afternoon. His name is Billie Lightwood. He was abused as a child and developed a
mental issue. Billie is in high school, he is sixteen years old. He has brown hair and
green eyes. He has a scar on his right eye. It is possible that Billie’s parents gave him
that scar. If you know this person please contact us at 180-267-8902.” I shut off the T.V.

    “We are screwed!” I yelled.
    “No we are not!” Leo shouted back. “We just need to get out of here,” he said.
    “What will Sarah think of me,” I replied.
    “We need to go, who cares what she thinks of you,” Leo said.
    “I do! She’s my only friend,” I shouted.
30 minutes later
    “I’ve got everything packed up,” I said.
    “Great, let's go,” Leo responded.
    “F.B.I open up! We know you're in there Billie,” a man yelled.
    “Out the window now! They are trying to get in,” Leo shouted.
    “Billie, hurry up!”
    Bang! The door gave up. I couldn’t move, even if I wanted to. I just froze.
    “Billie, bring me some beer,” Dad demanded.
    “No, I'm not you're slave,” I responded.
    “Boy! I swear you never learn your lesson,” Dad yelled.
    “I waited too long,” I said.
    “Get your mother right now,” he proclaimed.
    “She’s not available right now,” I responded.
    “Shut up! Sit down,” I yelled while pointing a knife at him.
    “Billie, let's talk this out,” Dad said.
    “Really, Dad? Now you want to talk,” I said.
    “Billie come on-
    Slash! Slash! Slash!
    “Billie you are being arrested for the murder of the Harkenders.You have the right to
remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You
have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to
you by the state,” the bald man said.     
    “I’m sorry, Sarah,” I whispered.
2 days later
    “Breaking news, Two days ago 16 year old Billie was charged with murder to the
third degree. He is now being held in a mental institute until his trial begins. F.B.I claims
that he killed the Harkenders and many other people. It is thought that he killed many
people because he thought he was killing his own parents in the process. Billie was
abused as a child which caused his mental state that he is in now. Billie was diagnosed
as a skitsofrantic. He kept following orders from someone named Leo, the person he
made up in his head. It is still unknown where his parents are but it is suspected that
they abandoned Billie a while ago. F.B.I suspect that Billie has killed five other people in
a span of three weeks. We reached out to the Boston police for comment but still
haven’t heard back. This has been CCB, I’m Lauren Lang and I'll see you tomorrow”.

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